We all have things in our lives we would like to change. Most people have unconscious commitments to maintain limiting patterns because they give us a sense of security. This dynamic can feel like "having one foot on the break and one foot on the gas". By uncovering these hidden commitments, we can start to make meaningful change, resolve internal conflicts, and be more effective in achieving our goals.



If you have chosen your career because of the bigger purpose it serves, it can be difficult to make decisions that balance your values with business realities. You may feel a struggle between your desire to make a profit and the desire to make a positive impact with your work.

Clarifying your different motivations will alleviate this struggle and simplify the decision-making process. By owning unconscious motivations you will feel less conflicted in your work, and by connecting to your mission you’ll find meaning in even the most tedious and mundane aspects of your job.



Awakening is a messy business. In the beginning of our meditation practice, we may find peace and tranquility. As the path progresses, we may be confronted with difficulties we could not have previously imagined. When we experience a spiritual crisis, or "dark night of the soul", we sometimes need a friendly ear to help us find our way. We can explore the problems that arise from extended contemplative practice, participating in spiritual communities, and integrating our spiritual insights into our daily life.



For many, work-life balance is an oxymoron. Business culture (especially startup culture) often praises those who are overworked and shames those who address their needs outside of work. Being out of balance and overworked is not a virtue. In fact, many professionals are able to do their best work when they take care of themselves and find balance in their lives. By identifying your needs, setting boundaries, and investigating resistances, you can find balance and bring your best self to  work.



Intimate relationships uncover old wounds and force us to confront what we habitually avoid. Rather than look at relational difficulties as problems to be avoided, we can choose to embrace difficult emotions as vehicle of growth. In our work we can explore difficult relational dynamics, learn new communication strategies, and take responsibility for our baggage. 



Being a leader is demanding. Leadership requires a deep understanding of human nature and what motivates people. It also requires emotional intelligence to be aware of the interpersonal dynamics in your business relationships. Most importantly, being a leader requires character strengths such as self-awareness, discipline, and perseverance. After investigating your strengths and weaknesses as a leader, we will create a custom plan for you to develop the skills you are lacking and utilize your current strengths in new ways.



I am passionate about helping young entrepreneurs take their work to the next level. Young Entrepreneurs and business owners (mid-twenties to early forties) are in a unique stage of life in which they are solidifying their personal and professional identities. Often times, this stage of life gives us more opportunities to work with our "stuff" and let go of limiting patterns before we bring them into later adulthood. In our work, we can explore the unique challenges of this stage of life and uncover how growing psychologically can help grow your career.  


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